Wednesday, March 04, 2015

New Fantasy Illustrations

Howdy all!

I'm reviving this blog from the dead for a quick post. I've been trying to update my website, but it's in ancient HTML created in GoLive, which doesn't work on my computer anymore. So until I'm able to figure something else out, I'll use this blog to showcase new work.

I've been working on some new samples for RPG work. Here are some new ones, hot off the press.

Click on images for larger versions.

Tame the Beast

"Tame the Beast"
watercolor, acryla-gouache on canvas board
11x14 in.


gesso on board, digital
11x15 in.

Dragon Priestess

"Dragon Priestess"
gesso, acryla-gouache on board, digital
11x15 in.

Dragon Kiss

"Dragon Kiss"
gesso, acryla-gouache on board
18x24 in.

I painted this one a few years ago for the first Spectrum Fantastic Art Live show. It was my first attempt at watercolors on watercolor canvas. I like the process. I think it'll stick.

Realm of LARP

"Realm of LARP"

This one is also from a few years ago. This is a cover for an online comic based on "Realm of LARP", a TV reality show my sister worked on. It was a bit of a challenge because each character had to work individually on the same background. They were going to be used as origin stories for arch of the actors/contestants on the TV show.

These two are my favorites.

Realm of LARP

Realm of LARP

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