Saturday, December 20, 2008

RPG Compositions 2 and Society of Illustrators Jazz Sketch Show

Sketching some more compositions for RPG's on my lunch breaks at work. Here is a new batch.

Thank you for all the comments on the first batch. I should have a little more time in the new year to attack these babies and turn them into finished illustrations.

Also, I have a nude up on the wall of the Society of Illustrators part of the Jazz & Sketch Group Show. See Related Post.
Piera, Standing In Semi-Profile, Leaning On Her Left Arm, Her Right Hand Caressing Her Shoulder
This painting of the beautiful Piera was also on the Nude of the Day Blog: 11.24.2008.

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Nude of the Day Rejects

I'm sorry for not keeping up with with the posts over the last few months. Part of it is I was busy finishing up some work. And I spent most of October traveling (Art Retreat, Wedding, visiting my best friend Lana in Chicago for her solo show). I didn't do much art at the Art Retreat so there was nothing new to show. And the only thing I remember of November, besides being sick for two weeks, is Thanksgiving (which was AWESOME!!!).

So with no new art to share, I was stuck trying to figure out what to put up here on the blog. Two days ago I was hanging out with my friend Joe Bluhm and the Society of Illustrators Sketch Night and he, inadvertently, helped me come up with a topic for this post. About two years back, Joe put together a great book of his drawings from his days as a Caricaturist in the theme parks in Orlando. He called the book Rejects because the drawings tended to take a lot of artistic license, and the tourists with no sense of humor rejected the drawings. I know you guys are probably tired of me writing about my Nude of the Day Blog, but I have my own share of rejects that never make it to that blog (mainly because they are usually portraits, heads and generally not very nude drawings, and therefore won't fit in with the Nude of the Day theme). Here is a small selection of my Nude of the Day Rejects:






and Jim

And some sketches of the models in costume around Holloween time:

and Stephanie

Also, As long as were talking about Nude of the Day (I know I'm bad) might as well plug the Holiday Sale I'm having throughout December. Click on image for details of the Sale.
Nude of the Day Holiday Sale

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