Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Small Update and New Blog

sorry i've been so MIA from this blog. I'm trying to focus on portfolio work for the upcoming San Diego ComicCon and i've fallen behind photographing new sketches.

I did spend a little time creating a new blog called Nude of the Day. I'm jumping on the "painting-a-day" bandwagon and forcing myself to post a nude per day and making them available for sale. Some are oldies and some are new. The blog will focus more on what i've been posting here. And this blog will become more of a documentation of my current projects and sketches that don't fit in the "nude category.

And to not post without having new work, here is a sketch i did on location at Trinity Church in lower Manhattan:

I've been taking a location class with Jeff Fisher over the summer. We go out to different places in the city and draw and then have our loud critiques. Jeff usually busts my balls and sometimes uses "violence" to get me to leave my comfort zone. He always tells me "I know you can draw, but i want you to play", but this time he leaned in and whispered "destroy the page". So i did, and the drawing above is the end result. I was ready to give up on it the first 10-15 minutes into it, but forced myself to spend more time on it and every time i messed something up and thought of stating over i forced myself to fix it.