Thursday, March 11, 2010

Nude of the Day Rejects Part 5 -1000 Nudes

Big day today on Nude of the Day. Today I posted my 1000th Nude!

Nude of the Day 1000

Here is the image:
Martina Seated In Semi-Profile, Looking Left

And I have more Rejects for you. A few Thursdays ago the theme of the night was belly dancing:
Belly Dancing

Here are a few of Darlinda Just Darlinda.
Darlinda Belly Dancing Portrait
Darlinda Belly Dancing

There as another night with a salsa dancing theme:
Rainbow and Raphael
Rainbow In A Lacy Shirt
Rainbow and Raphael

And a quick little sketch of The World Famous "Bob".
World Famous Bob Quick Portrait Sketch

Also, a few months back I had a mini freak-out because I had not oil painted in a long time. I took an evening that I should have been working on my deadlines and decided to do a quick oil study. I used a modified version of the Zorn palette. The Zorn palette is a limited palette of yellow ochre, cadmium red light, ivory black and white, which Anders Zorn used only a few times to showcase how much range one could get from having color and value interact with one another. I think I used a different red and used a sepia brown with an ultramarine blue instead of the ivory black. This was painted from a photograph in an art magazine.
Oil Sketch of an African

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