Sunday, November 04, 2012

Nude of the Day Rejects Part 6 - Portraits

Howdy everyone. Halloween is over and it is time to clean up all the cobwebs on this blog.

Starting off with some paintings I did last year on Halloween at PNCA. I was doing a demo in my friend's Chuck Lukacs's painting class. Chuck brought out some costumes and props to dress the model (Chris) and I got to work with a clothed model for a change.

Chris In A Steampunk Costume

Chris In An Archer Costume

Chris In A Horned Hat

The next batch were done back at the good old Society of Illustrators Jazz & Sketch. I was in NY on three separate occasions this year and took the time to go hang out with everyone at the Society. On Thursday nights, they do themed costume nights. I don't remember what the themes were but I got some fun drawings done there.

Lillian In A Black Dress

Lillian With A Fan

Margo In A Pink Dress

Minnie Tonka:
Minnie Tonka In A Polka Dot Bra

Back in Portland, my regular figure studio (Hipbone) has also been experimenting with costumed poses. Sometimes it's unintentional, like when a model fails to show up, Jeff Burke, the owner and moderator steps in like a trooper. Jeff used to model professionally at the Art Student's League in NYC and has modeled for Andy Warhol (back when he actually painted his own stuff). Jeff celebrated his 25th Anniversary as the owner and operator of Hipbone Studio back in September.

Jeff Sleeping

Jeff In A Sombrero

Jeff Wearing A Hat

Jeff As Lenin

Jeff Portrait 01

Other times the costumes are hastily thrown together and lack the showmanship of the burlesque models at the Society of Illustrators. But I still have a good time focusing on my favorite part of the model, the face.

Melanie Portrait In Profile

John Portrait In Profile

Emilie In A Green Skirt

Well that's it for now. Thanks for stopping by and checking out my work. If you're interested in purchasing any of these paintings please email me to check availability and pricing.