Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Nude of the Day Rejects Part 4

Howdy Gang,

Once again freelance work and life has gotten in the way of updating this blog. I'll have lots of treats for you in the next month.

But for now I'm back to advertising my other blog (the one that actually gets updated): Nude of the Day

Today I posted my 900th Nude!

Seated Female Nude, Her Right Leg Raised

Today is also the start of the Holiday Sale on Nude of the Day. All paintings are up to 50% off just in time for the Holidays.
Nude of the Day Holiday Sale
Click on image for details of the Sale.

And just to make your visit worthwhile, here are more Rejects:

Gigi La Femme
Gigi La Femme In A Blue Wig

Lillian Bites Her Nails

Main Event
Main Event Looking Back


The World Famous "Bob"
World Famous Bob In A Black And Red Dress
World Famous Bob, Reclining, In Leopard Print Panties
World Famous Bob, Seated, Wearing A Bra
Portrait Of The World Famous Bob

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