Friday, October 27, 2006

Society of Illustrators - Jazz Sketch - 10.24.06

Society of Illustrators - Jazz Sketch - 10.19.06

Another 3rd Thursday at the Society of Illustrators. Syd Mead was lecturing downstairs so I wasn't even planning on drawing, but the lecture was so packed that i ended up finding a spot upstairs and getting my draw on. Jeff Fisher was around and he let me borrow a water-soluble pencil that was unlike any I've ever tried.

Society of Illustrators - Jazz Sketch - 10.17.06

Haven Arts - Figure Drawing - 10.12.06

I went up to Haven Arts. Hadn't been up there in about a month. The lovely Jen was modeling, but i was too tired to do anything good, so I'm excusing these crappy drawings as "experiments":

Society of Illustrators - Jazz Sketch - 10.10.06

I took a week off in early October and went to the Berkshires. There I met up with 13 great Illustrators, and we locked ourselves in a big barn in the middle of nowhere to paint and party all week long. I came back with a wealth of knowledge. Let's see how well I applied it: