Saturday, September 30, 2006

The Drawing Studio - 09.24.06

I went out to Long Island to draw at the Drawing Studio and have my ass kicked by Jeff Fisher. Running on no food and no sleep and what developed into a sore throat later in the night, I drew for over 6 hours. Most of the exercizes were to get you to approach drawing in an unfamiliar way. There were a few moments where I was able to do the some watercolors. Here are the results.


Joe Bluhm said...

First one's beautiful - I love that you're working in watercolor so much.


Alicja Fenigsen said...


all the color seems to give the black lines (in the 1. sketch) their potency back

You really connect to the warmth pulsating through those bodies

three dimensional muscular, breathing life - do You ever feel invaded by their existence?