Sunday, February 19, 2012

I'm still alive - 2012 edition

Howdy all.

It's true I'm still alive. Once again I've gone forever without an update. I'm amazed by how many people check this blog daily even though I'm largely absent.

I have a ton of stuff to post from 2011, but I'm more excited about 2012. So here is something I'm working on (still in progress).

MtG Scorpion (progress 01)

I'll go in detail about this piece when I finish it (hopefully not another 6 months from now). What I will say is this is my attempt to get over a big creative rut I've been going through. I've been having a hard time just getting myself to a drawing table. And with deadlines looming this was a scary place to be. So in an attempt to overcome this rut, I decided to make today (02.18.2012) Illustration Day. My girlfriend and I took the day off from our commissioned assignments to work on an illustration with the object of the day to start and finish it. Rebecca succeeded in finishing hers. I succeeded in overcoming my rut. And I'm pretty happy with the progress so far. I'm gonna take another day later in the week to try and bring this to a final.

Stay tuned.