Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The Drawing Studio - 11.05.06

Sunday I went out to Long Island to draw at the Drawing Studio, firstly as a way of avoiding work on Round 3 of the Thunderdome, and secondly as a way to get outside of my routine in hopes of it helping me with said Thunderdome piece. 6 hours of drawing and experimenting didn't seem like it yielded any worthwhile results, but it really made a difference on Monday when i went back to work on my TD entry. And the crit after the session was great too. No one pulled any punches. Just the way i like it.

the good foot on this one was done by Jeff Fisher

This one i did with my opposite hand.

this one i had to start at the farthest point away from me on the body. Basically i had to look through the figure and draw the part turned away from me first.

this one is watercolor on top of rubber cement which acts as a resist. this was wierd to work with but in the end didn't turn out too bad.

and some drawings from a Schiele book.

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