Saturday, November 25, 2006

Society of Illustrators - Jazz Sketch - 11.21.06

SoI on Tuesday

5 mins. ea.

10 min

20 min


Anonymous said...

Amazing stuff, man ! I'm way too happy finding your blog ! I know that you are an hardworker, but I'm always surprised by the huuuuuuge bunch of stuff you can produce in a few hours. You are a machine, Arkady.

Tom Kidd said...

I've been meaning to make one of the Jazz Sketch sessions at the Society. Now it occurs to me it'd be nice to go just to meet some of the artists there. Circus night always appealed to me the most but I never seem to make it. Maybe I'll see you there one day.

-- Tom

Alicja Fenigsen said...

I love the first three of this batch esdpecially