Friday, December 29, 2006

Society of Illustrators - Jazz Sketch - 12.19.06

The last Tuesday night of 2006 at the SoI. Martina and Julie modeling. Great time.

detail: (used some chalk for some highlights)


Mike Dutton said...

I know I've said this somewhere before on, but it bears repeating here that you're easily my favorite watercolorist around. Anyone who takes a scroll down this page would be compelled to agree. Great great body of work Arkady. Can't wait to see more.... including Moleskine 3.0.

Julien alday said...

Basically what Mike said. And yeah, I agree: I have vertigo when scrolling down your page. Never underate watercolors after see your art.

Alicja Fenigsen said...

Happy New Year. I agree too. What abour some new work - are You ok.??

jacobsteel said...

nice! real nice!

Alicja Fenigsen said...

where art thou, Romeo - ??