Friday, April 25, 2008

Dogs Walk Against Cancer

I'm sorry for rehashing old artwork posts for the last few months. I'm in the home stretch for my deadline and hopefully afterwards I'll have a little time for some good old fashioned painting. For this post I dug up some photos from a year back.

On May 4th I'm getting together with a bunch of talented Artist friends of mine to help out Joan Chiverton at the Annual Dogs Walk Against Cancer in Riverside Park on the West Side of Manhattan. Joan organized a bunch of us artists to help her draw and paint portraits and caricatures of dogs at the Dog Walk. We charge $20 per portrait and all proceeds go toward Cancer Research. This will be my 3rd year helping Joan out. Last year we raised over $1,600.

Here are some pics from the last two years:

Myself, Angel Ramirez and David Hollenbach


Me and my subject.


Dennis Deitrich

Me confused about my next move.

Stephen Gardner (and Steve's Blog)

And once again, Joan


Rich Pellegrino said...

Hey Arkady, thanks for sharing these pics with us. This looked like a great time. nice portrait.


Arkady Roytman said...

Thanks, Rich.
We raised over $1,200 this year. I'll have photos eventually.