Sunday, May 13, 2007

Moleskine 3.0

One more mini moleskine under my belt. this one took longer than usual. Ranges from about mid November 2006 to today.

these next two pages are compositional studies of Edward Hopper's illustration work that I saw at the Whitney on New Year's Eve. Hopper's illustration work is, in my opinion, 100 times better than his well known work, like the "Nighthawks" (which was also on display).

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Julien alday said...

Great sketches, Arkady. There's so much life and energy in those pages... I'm jealous, hahaha ! Hope all is well and that I will see some new stuff from you soon. :)

Anonymous said...

stunning freedom in those speedy lines arkady, like julien mentions. Cheers on completing another moleskine—> Such a great feeling to finish a sketchbook, one like this is a zenith to be enjoyed.

Hopefully i'll get to congratulate you on your spectrum win in San Diego in person! Such a moving piece.

i guess this comment is a total asspat. :-/


Tom Kidd said...

Yes, congratulations on finishing/filling the book. I just left one of mine somewhere but I hope to recover it tomorrow. Fortunately it has little in it. I usually lose sketchbooks when there's only a few pages left.

You've got some very nice gesture and character sketches in here and I can see that it's keeping your art mind active. I love direct ink drawings. The ball point pen is a very nice medium.

Mike Dutton said...

I'm ashamed to say it's been a while since my last visit, but it was worth it to be able to see a whole bunch of new work from you in one big viewing. It felt like a one man show. :)

Glad to see you've been blogging on a somewhat more regular basis. Hopefully I'll have a chance to run into you in NY and have a peek at some of your watercolors in person.

Anonymous said...

Hey Arkady, I linked you to my blog at drawger. Just went through you sketchbook. These pages are great. Packed with studies. My favorite is towards the middle of the book. Its of a girl's profile with big glasses and a figure study right next to it. Great hand studies too. Peter

D.Killer said...

uauu, excellen sketchbook
Good line and freedom line.
congratulations, excellent blog

andrea joseph's sketchblog said...

these are stunning

Arkady Roytman said...

I'm finally getting off my lazy ass and responding to everyone's comments.

Thank you all!!!

New Moleskine coming real soon. I promise.

Anonymous said...

awesome sketchbook..
was this the small one (that fits into top pocket) or the larger one ( about twice the size)

jmilliron said...

Very cool! Makes me wish I had some sort of artistic talent.