Thursday, June 26, 2008

Watercolor Moleskine Part 2

I'm a little late with this post. More deadlines and a much-needed vacation kept me pretty busy the last few weeks.

Just like in Part 1, most of these were done at the Society of Illustrators Jazz & Sketch Sessions.

Also, Just a few more days of the Anniversary Sale the Nude of the Day Blog left. Click on image for details of the Sale.

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Unknown said...

Amazing nudes! The sense of gesture and the sense of mass are gorgeous as well as having just beautiful lines.

Unknown said...

Thanks Eric.

Great work on yourself.

Rich Pellegrino said...

your lines are brilliant arkday. i want to see these in person. are you still helping out at the society? i need to go back up there for a jazz sketch night.

Unknown said...

Rich, Thanks. I'm still at the SoI. We start up gain this Tuesday, after a break in August.

Juanma Moreno said...

Nice rolls! Very good watercolours ligth, i think.

I also have a art blog, the adress is:

I don´t say a lot about your work because my english is a little bit poor...