Sunday, June 01, 2008

Watercolor Moleskine Part 1

Hey Guys and Gals!!!
Sorry about the lack of Updates last week. I didn't get to do a Self-Portrait like I was planning to and other things got in the way. To make up for it here's Part 1 of a whole new Moleskine. I was planning on saving this post for the 1-Year Anniversary of my Nude of the Day Blog (coming up on June 16th). But after scanning all 75 pages decided to break it up into two parts to help with the load time.

Also, publishing Part 1 earlier gives me a chance to plug the Anniversary Sale I'm running through the month of June on the Nude of the Day Blog. Click on image for details of the Sale.

Most of these were done at the Society of Illustrators Jazz & Sketch Sessions.

This is a tree drawn from the roof of my new place.

And Rebecca sketching away.

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Mike Dutton said...

The first word that comes to mind when I see your more recent sketches is "honest". You've always had a great loose style, but your pencils have gradually taken on this new sense of flow, where it seems like you're not looking at the paper as much while your hand still moves, and you're having a damned good time because of it. It's almost like you're painting with a pencil the same way you do with your watercolors.

Unknown said...

Beautiful Drawings....

Unknown said...

Thanks so much Mike. I've been trying different things, overlaying and what not. Just trying to get myself out of my comfort zone. I'd like to think it helps me grow. It may not look like it's working (at least not to me), but I'm sure that on some level it is.

Ami - thanks a lot. I used to run a sketch group in NY that would take the train and draw our hearts out. Got the idea from Bobby Chiu. Unfortunately we disbanded after I got busy with work and others with school.