Saturday, December 20, 2008

RPG Compositions 2 and Society of Illustrators Jazz Sketch Show

Sketching some more compositions for RPG's on my lunch breaks at work. Here is a new batch.

Thank you for all the comments on the first batch. I should have a little more time in the new year to attack these babies and turn them into finished illustrations.

Also, I have a nude up on the wall of the Society of Illustrators part of the Jazz & Sketch Group Show. See Related Post.
Piera, Standing In Semi-Profile, Leaning On Her Left Arm, Her Right Hand Caressing Her Shoulder
This painting of the beautiful Piera was also on the Nude of the Day Blog: 11.24.2008.


Elgin Subwaysurfer Bolling said...

powerful stuff. It's practically sings with vitality. Just beautiful, man.

Arkady Roytman said...

Thanks Elgin.