Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Moleskine 5.0 Part 1

Happy New Year everyone.

It's been a pretty busy year so far. Lots of deadlines keeping me from posting more regularly. They're also keeping me from regularly sketching in my Moleskine. I started this in May 2008. I'm about two thirds of the way through it. There a a lot of work-related sketching in this one. And lots of messes.

Moleskine 5.0 Page 01
Moleskine 5.0 Page 02
Moleskine 5.0 Page 03

The page on the right is my girl-friend Rebecca Silvers taking over a page (and then showing much concern after I told this would make it online one day).
Moleskine 5.0 Page 04
Moleskine 5.0 Page 05

Some short sketches form the Society of Illustrators. If you look close enough you can pick out arms, hands and faces.
Moleskine 5.0 Page 06

These are some sketches for a project for Dover about the Greek and Roman Gods (I'll be posting some examples in the near future).
Moleskine 5.0 Page 07
Moleskine 5.0 Page 08
Moleskine 5.0 Page 09
Moleskine 5.0 Page 10
Moleskine 5.0 Page 11

On the right a compsition sketch for another Dover project.
Moleskine 5.0 Page 12

More messes from the Society of Illustrators.
Moleskine 5.0 Page 13
Moleskine 5.0 Page 14
Moleskine 5.0 Page 15

Goofing off at an art retreat in October 2008.
Moleskine 5.0 Page 16
Moleskine 5.0 Page 17
Moleskine 5.0 Page 18

The sketch on the Right was done from reference stolen from Greg Manchess while at the art retreat.
Moleskine 5.0 Page 19
Moleskine 5.0 Page 20
Moleskine 5.0 Page 21

A bad drawing of Rebecca (in which she looks like Sandra Bernhardt) which is SO not the case.
Moleskine 5.0 Page 22
Moleskine 5.0 Page 23

I went to Chicago on Halloween weekend to check out my best friend Lana Crooks' Solo Show. There the sticker from the Field Museum to prove it.
Moleskine 5.0 Page 24

This sticker was my pass to draw at the NYC Veterans Affairs hospital. This was a volunteer event organized by Joan Chiverton in mid December. A few illustrators from the Society got together and drew the patients at the VA Hospital to try to ease their pain. We gave them the portraits afterward, but I managed to take a few shots and will post them in the near future as well. This was a great event and I may get another chance to participate next week.
Moleskine 5.0 Page 25

Also, Today I posted my 600th Nude on Nude of the Day.

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Piya said...

Dude, these are amazing! You do so much with a humble Moleskine. See you at the CC this weekend?

Arkady Roytman said...

thanks Piya.
I'll be there.

Jelaine Faunce said...

Absolutely incredible work. So glad I found your blog.

Julián Abreu said...

hellooooo!!!!!!! I gotta tell ya.......This is one of the best blogs i ever seen.CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!

Arkady Roytman said...

Jelaine and Julian - Thank you both very much!

Jens said...

cool stuff man, crazy chaotic sketchbook, kinda like mine ;)

Ron Russell said...

The sketches are unusual and show a great deal of insight, although I certainly no critic. I dabble, but just that. My sister on the other hand does great southwest art on deerskins. She can be found at a commerical site.