Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Gorilla Artfare Group Artist's Blog

For about a year I've been a member of an on-line art collective. After a few months of debate, we settled on a name. And then a few days ago, thanks to the hard work of Federico Piatti and Victoria Maderna and Tom Scholes, Gorilla Artfare - The Blog was born.

The excitement surrounding the blog over the last few days has been overwhelming. New art is posted by members almost hourly.

And we even have press.

Charley Parker profiled us today on his must-read blog Lines & Colors. As well as the Little Chimp Society, an illustration news portal.
EDIT (01.31.2008): Drawn (another great Illustration blog) profiled Gorilla Artfare last night. w00t!
EDIT (02.01.2008): Another MUST READ blog, Irene Gallo's "The Art Department" has a write-up on Gorilla Artfare.

This is the piece i posted (a work in progress):

Hope to have more quality work to put on there, and on here, soon.


Emeret said...

I really like this piece. The colors are wonderfully and I love the texture.

Arkady Roytman said...

Thanks Emeret