Thursday, January 03, 2008

Happy New Year - 2008 Resolutions

Happy New Year!!!
WOW! it has been exactly 6 months since my last post!!!

I know I said I would not neglect this blog after starting my "Nude of the Day" blog, and then in my typical slacker fashion went on to neglect this poor thing for half of 2007! Hell, I'm even slow with the New Year's wishes. I'm so bad, I waited until the new year started to begin thinking about my New Year Resolutions (I'm still formulating them). My generic Resolution every year is to create more art, particularly Portfolio-quality Illustrations. I failed miserably, in 2007 even after promising myself not to repeat the failures of 2006. Well my first New Year's Resolution is to post new work in this blog at least once every week of 2008. I may not post finished work every week (or every month), but Works-In-Progress and Sketchbooks are fair game.

And to start of this New Year here's a detail of something that's currently on the easel:


Lana said...

I love what is on your easel. Now FINISH IT! But, dont finish it to the point of overdoing it. :) I am always here for support and if you need a scolding.

Melissa said...

Hi Arkady... hope you had a great new years!!! Did you make it down to Boca?

Joe Bluhm said...

Great to see you're alive, buddy. ;)

Arkady Roytman said...

Well i guess I sort of finished it.
Thanks for your help with it Lana.

Mel - I'm coming down next weekend. Feb. 8th to 11th.

Joe - Thanks for stopping by. Hopefully I'll see you tomorrow.