Monday, January 28, 2008

Last Man Standing 3 - Round 1 - Underneath It All

A few years ago a friend of mine, Cody Tilson, started a brutal art elimimnation contest over at It was a modification on their yearly Thunderdome contest where artists would compete against one another for bragging rights. Cody's version, Last Man Standing, pits members of the site against one another in multi-round elimination art "fights". Amateurs are pitted against professionals and the soon-to-be-professionals. The only way to advance is to bring out your best art skills and tricks and then push them beyond their limits.

(I submitted this version to Spectrum 15)

In it's Third year Last Man Standing (LMS3) started with 360 contestants "fighting" in 72 six-man/woman battles. The battles were posted last week and we await the judges' results.
(LMS3 round 1 - Matches 1-24, 25-48, and 49-72)
The entries are judged by an all-star panel of Professionals in the field and Art Directors. This is a great way for young upstarts to get their work in front of the people who matter.

I had a tough match (#28). I'll consider myself very lucky if I advance to Round 2.
This was the state at which the piece was at when I submitted it:

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