Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Spectrum 14 - The Book

With the deadline for Spectrum 15 (January 25, 2008) fast approaching, I'd like to write about #14 (another post that is a long time overdue).

In late October 2007, Spectrum 14 (Amazon link), The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art came out. With every passing year, the annual has been getting progressively better.

Check out that awesome Andrew Jones cover:

After 5 years of trying, someone actually thought my work was worthy of the book.

And best of all I was put on the spread facing Alexi Briclot's piece that was used on the back cover of the Paperback version of the book.

Charlie Parker, wrote about #14 on his "Lines and Colors Blog" featuring Alexi's page. And Spectrum's website write-up about #14 has the foldout with my piece on it (even though the image quality is poor). Look Ma, I'm Famous.

For those looking to enter this year here is the Spectrum 15 entry info. Good luck to everyone!


david said...

congrats! A dream come true!

Sve said...

I love this painting of yours, but you know that. :)

Arkady Roytman said...

David and Sveta, thank you both.