Saturday, June 06, 2009

Moleskine 5.0 Part 2

Today is Drawing Day 2009.
Drawing Day 2009
Help promote art by drawing today and putting your results online. You don't have to be an artist to participate, just a lover of art. Click on the banner above for more details.

My contribution is the remainder of my Moleskine 5.0

Moleskine 5.0 Page 26

Composition sketches for another Dover project, due out at the end of the year.
Moleskine 5.0 Page 27
Moleskine 5.0 Page 28

Did another stint at the NYC Veterans Affairs hospital in February, a volunteer event organized by Joan Chiverton. Here's the sticker to prove it.
Moleskine 5.0 Page 29

Sketches for spots for a Cover for a McGraw-Hill business book and another Dover project.
Moleskine 5.0 Page 30
Moleskine 5.0 Page 31

Short sketches form the Society of Illustrators.
Moleskine 5.0 Page 32

More sketches for yet another Dover project. This one, unfortunately, was not aproved by the powers that be.
Moleskine 5.0 Page 33
Moleskine 5.0 Page 34
Moleskine 5.0 Page 35

Quick landscape sketches from a short trip to Brattleboro, VT in April.
Moleskine 5.0 Page 36
Moleskine 5.0 Page 37
Moleskine 5.0 Page 38
Moleskine 5.0 Page 39

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yann lee said...

WOW! :) im impressed you sketchs are outrageous. your observational eye is superb plus the cleaniness of your arrangment for each sketch screams perfect study :)

Arkady Roytman said...

thanks Yann Lee. They are real fun to do.

Anonymous said...

Amazing drawing skills.
I wish you learn how to write(letters) as good as you sketch. :DDDDD